Peter Davies: World War II Veteran Who Changed His Gender At The Age Of 90

  • Patricia Davies has opened up about living as a transgender woman at 90. The brave pensioner, from Leicestershire, says she couldn't 'live a lie' anymore. She stayed in the closet for fear of being forced to have electric shock treatment. She was married for 63 years but one day she decided to tell her wife. Let's see what happened between them and how she found out she wasn't a man.

She said she has known since the age of three.

Peter has known since the age of three that she was female but lived in fear that coming out would see her ostracized from her family.

'The atmosphere [around being transgender] was not safe.'

'People did not understand what transgender was. Really even the medical profession didn't understand it as the treatment was to give you the "electric shock treatment."

'They thought they could make you better. They didn't realize it was something that you could not cure.'

''My wife was very sympathetic and helped me all the way but we agreed to keep it quiet.''

''I knew I was transgender when I was 60 and my wife used to buy me jewelry and she would call me Patricia. I kept it a complete secret.''

"Don't worry, as long as you're happy."

Patricia, explained: 'I have been keeping quiet. I have slowly started to tell some of my neighbors. Everybody said, "don't worry, as long as you're happy." 'I've known I was transgender since I was three. I knew a girl called Patricia and I decided I wanted to be known by that name but it didn't stick.'

She changed her name to what she was dreaming back then: Patricia.

After losing her wife of 63 years, Patricia - once Peter - started living as a woman. She now wears women's clothes and takes the female hormone estrogen.

'It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I was living a lie.'

She said these words in an interview. We just wish her the best and that she lives happily for the rest of her life. :)

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