NASA Announces The Discovery Of 7 Earth-Like Planets!


Last week NASA announced that they were going to make a public announcement. Everyone was making guesses on their own about what this announcement would be about. Here's the long awaited announcement!

NASA just discovered new planets! Not just one or two planets though. There are seven different planets!

According to NASA's public statement, there are 7 different planets, which orbit around a single star, that have been discovered. This newly-discovered system is only 39 light-years away from our solar system. Although this distance is significantly away from our solar system, it can be considered as near if we remind ourselves how vast the universe actually is.

Trappist-1 is a dwarf star which is relatively smaller than the Sun.

It is believed that these 7 planets are possibly able to be habituated. Six of these planets are covered with rocks and all seven of them have the possibility to contain water. Moreover, three of these planets have temperature varying between 0-100 Celsius degrees. For this reason, these planets provide the optimum conditions to explore biological traces outside our solar system.

Fortunately, these planets have orbits that are suitable for observation and all of them are orbiting around Trappist-1.

Three of these planets are located in the habitable part of the star.

Considering the planets' distance from Trappist-1, it is believed that all of the planets have the optimum temperature for them to be covered with oceans. Micheal Gillon, who is a member of the research team, stated that this is the first time we found so many planets which are considerably similar to planet Earth.

It is also believed that this discovery is a huge step toward finding other forms of life in the universe.

Researchers state that they can determine the possibility of life due to the observations of gas emission. This means the research on the subject can certainly determine whether there is life on these planets or not.

Even if there is no sign of existence on these planets, these observations will provide incalculable data.

Astronomers have been claiming that there should be planets that orbit around other stars in the universe. However, there wasn't any scientific discovery towards this claim during the last century. 

Currently, we are aware of the existence of more than 3400 planets. This is the first time scientists have discovered planets that are suitable for constant and valid observation.

It seems that humankind's next step will be beyond our planet's atmosphere...

Always remember to stay curious!

Check out the video below to explore some of these newly discovered planets!

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