Melania Trump's White House Christmas Decoration Is Horrifying People!


There is the very traditional green Christmas tree, but Melania Trump clearly thinks different!

Melania Trump obviously thought different about Christmas tree aesthetic!

And she reportedly spent months working on this year’s decorations.

Maybe she wanted to create something that fits of her husband's recent policies.

People can't stop thinking "Are these made out of blood?"

1. She shared her creations on Twitter and that escalated quickly!

Of course, memes and jokes were ready to explode!

2. Is it a real message honey?

3. Does anyone know that?


5. No ornaments, just blood...

6. For many, it reminded of the horror film 'The Shining'


8. This Christmas decoration obviously can send shivers down your spine!


10. And The Handmaid's Tale references also were relatable!

11. Well, now it's cuter...

12. Still better than original!

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