Meet Emily James: Whose heart is bigger than her looks


This is Emily. She loves frilly dresses and her favorite movie is "Tangled"

Her parents informed Emily about cancer patients. She decided to donate her hair for them.

" Sometimes kids get sick and.....their hair falls out, that's really sad"

"I don't want any kids that have that that.. be sad because they have no hair. What I want to9 do is give them my hair because I have more hair, just cut some of the hair off and give it to someone."

Emily first asked her doll Rapunzel to get a hair cut

Now it's her turn

Here is Emily and Rapunzel's brand new looks

After all is done Emily is posting her hair for cancer patients

You can watch the whole story here

Kaynak:This Adorable 3-Year-Old Girl Donated Her Hair To Kids With Cancer


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