Marvel Fans Are Begging NASA To Save Tony Stark And They Get An Answer!


Once Avengers 4 trailer is released, Marvel fandom was shaken about Tony Starks’ predicament! Then they did what they supposed to do...

Marvel has released the first trailer for the movie "Avengers 4."

And it starts with a desperate Tony Stark floating in space in a spaceship!

Marvel fandom couldn't stand Tony Stark's predicament...

And they wanted to save him!

They did what any logical fan would do...

And they begged NASA to save him!

They wanted NASA to forget about all InSight exploring thing...

Some fans even reached out to Elon Musk!

Amazingly, NASA answered Marvel fandom call and offered up some advice for Iron Man and the Avengers!

And Marvel Studios was very grateful about NASA's help!

Fans were bursting with happiness!

NASA has got your back!

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