Inspiring Kindergarden Teacher Who Brings Her Students' Dream Toys To Life


Sezen Karazincir is a kindergarten teacher in Turkey. She's probably the sweetest teacher in the world. Because she gifted her students their dreams as an end of the school year present.

Here are those precious dreams...

Sezen wanted her students to draw the toy of their dreams.

So they put their imagination on a piece of paper. 😌

At the end of the school year, students were shocked to see their dream toys come to life!

They all look more awesome than any other standard toys.

They are all very different than each other!

We can't imagine how happy these little fellas were! 😇

It's also a great lesson for kids to understand how important their imagination is. 😚

We heart this teacher and what she does for her students.

She gave their students a one in a lifetime experience! 😍

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