Get Ready to Be a Memelord: 35 Classical Art Memes to Make Your Day!


From biblical imagery to represent contemporary situations to Wakespeare- Shakespeare...35 classical art memes to make your day! All memes are taken from classicalfuck Instagram account. You can click here to visit the page and double your pleasure.


1. It is important to do what you love.

2. Money, money, money, must be funny!

3. Helpful enough.

4. Same here.

5. I'll be there for you!

6. Let's admit, this is us.

7. When you are writing 3,000 words essay.

8. Good vibes only.

9. Ummh, okey.

10. Trying so hard.

11. Biblical imagery to represent contemporary situations.

12. In a nutshell.

13. Me, everyday.

14. R.I.P.

15. 😂😂😂

16. Oh, hello Mozart!

17. Very impressive

18. My dad is a table 😂😂

19. Probably the best pick-up line 😂

20. Why are you like this?

21. Thank you for not giving a damn.

22. Lol why? 😂

23. To wake or not to bake...

24. Just NO!

25. Now put your hands up 💍💍

26. 💃💃💃

27. Yeah I'm fine!

28. Relatable.

29. Who's a good boy?

30. Good morning, Mr. Putin.

31. Grow up!

32. Me trying to flirt.

33. Please.

34. That is the question...

35. Power Rangers!

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