Frozen Human Bodies On Everest Are Used For Finding Directions Now!


As we all know, Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world, which many mountaineers climb to see the summit. However, many people have lost their lives during this journey, be it because of falling off the cliffs, oxygen deficiency, and avalanches.The bodies of these people, who died on the way to the peak are now used by other climbers to set the route. 

Here are the mysterious bodies on the slopes of Mount Everest.

One of the directives is a climber who is known as "Green Boots."

An Indian climber named Tsewang Paljor passed away by a cave, which everybody who has to pass by to reach the summit.

Paljor's body now reminds other climbers of how close they are to the summit.

It is thought that Paljor died because he was separated from his group. The assumption is that the young climber froze to death seeking shelter after he lost his group.

Another brave person who couldn't survive the tough journey is David Sharp from England.

David Sharp lost his life in 2006. The cave his body is located in has a negative connotation for other climbers because the area where Sharp died is very dangerous.

The examination revealed that Sharp was still conscious when his body froze.

What is worse is that 40 other climbers passed him by when Sharp was still conscious. He made himself noticed by a group of climbers by making noises but died before they could give him oxygen.

Francys Arsentiev, is the first woman from USA to make it to the summit of Mount Everest in 1998.

Moreover, Arsentiev didn't even have an oxygen tube during her journey. However, because she couldn't get down alive, other climbers don't consider her climb successful.

Her husband noticed that she was lost during a tough night walk.

And he decided to climb again to find his wife despite the dangers awaiting him that he was very well aware off. The man, who came across with a group of Uzbek climbers, who told him that they tried to save his wife but had to leave her once they ran out of oxygen.

Next day, when two other climbers saw Francys, she was still alive.

However, they couldn't find a way to save her either. Her husband also failed to save her, although he kept an ice axe and rope just in case. Francys eventually died where those two other climbers last saw her and it was found out later that her husband was nowhere to be found was because he passed away somewhere below the slope.

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