Filipino Actor Accidentally Filmed A Naked Woman When He Was Recording A Birthday Message!


Filipino actor Cesar Montano recently posted a video but obviously there is a naked woman behind the actor.

Cesar Manhilot, better known by his screen name Cesar Montano, is a Filipino actor, film producer and film director.

The actor recently took posted a video of him wishing his friend Kagawad Crisanto Morales a very happy birthday.

But he didn't notice that there is a naked woman caught behind him in the frame!

Whilst all of this was taking place just metres behind him, Cesar continued to give his message and then stopped the camera recording.

He then made his critical mistake, he just posted the video to the internet without checking it!

A lot of people noticed that, and eventually he deleted it.

One commented: ''The video is too funny. What a silly mistake to make.''

Another advised him: "Rule number one when making selfie videos at home, don't let your girlfriend creep into the shot after she has just taken off her clothes.''

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