Fashion Game Strong: Tom Lenk Recreated Fashion Looks of Celebrities And The Result Is Hilarious!


Tom Lenk is definitely killing it! He recreates celebrity outfits by using everyday objects and you cannot stop laughing!


1. Tom Lenk As Jenifer Lopez

2. Tom Lenk As Sarah Jessica Parker

3. Tom Lenk As Ezra Miller

4. Tom Lenk As Elle Fanning In Miumiu

5. Tom Lenk As Lady Gaga

6. Tom Lenk As Lana Del Rey

7. Tom Lenk As Nicole Kidman

8. Tom Lenk As Jenifer Aniston

9. Tom Lenk As Lady Gaga

10. Tom Lenk As Armie Hammer

11. Tom Lenk As Britney Spears

12. Tom Lenk As Diane Kruger

13. Tom Lenk As Moschino Model

14. Tom Lenk As Jared Leto

15. Tom Lenk As Y/Project Model

16. Tom Lenk As Meghan Markle

17. Tom Lenk As Faye Dunaway

18. Tom Lenk As Lady Gaga

19. Tom Lenk As Moschino Model

20. Tom Lenk As Mindy Kaling

21. Tom Lenk As Laura Dern

22. Tom Lenk As Celine Dion

23. Tom Lenk As Blake Lively

24. Tom Lenk As Kaia Gerber

25. Tom Lenk As Jonathan Van Ness

26. Tom Lenk As Cate Blanchett

27. Tom Lenk As Ronald Van Der Kemp Model

28. Tom Lenk As Antoni Porowski

29. Tom Lenk As Dolce Gabbana Model

30. Tom Lenk As Diane Keaton And Acne Studios Model

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