Do You Know Why We Stick Candles On Birthday Cakes?


What is the best part of your birthday besides getting gifts? Of course, the cake and cute candles that are on them. The truth is, birthday cakes have existed since ancient Rome. It is very reasonable to have a beautiful and a delicious cake to celebrate someone's birthday.

But why do we stick candles on a cake? There are a few theories about its origin.

The first theory is that candles are an extension of an ancient Greek tradition.

During this period, people visited the temple of Artemis, the goddess of hunting, with candles sticking into a cake.

It was thought that the burning candles were just as bright as the moonlight. The moonlight was a symbol that was closely related to Artemis.

Let's look at it from different angles, though. Many ancient cultures also believe that the smoke brings the prayers of the mortal to the other side.

This might be the reason why people say, 'make a wish and blow the candles, and all your wishes will come true.'

Another belief about candles seems to have found its source in the Germans. In 1746 Count Ludwig von Zinzindorf celebrated his birthday with a majestic party ...

At this party, there was a huge cake decorated with candles. It was depicted as: "A cake large enough for any oven to cook, and on it, there are holes showing how many years the person has lived in the world. In each hole is a candle, and one of them is right in the middle of the cake. "

This candle right in the middle of represents the "light of life."

The Germans also had celebrations at their Kinderfest with cake and candles. This is a special festival that has been celebrated since the 1700's.

No matter how different it is, it is certain that it is a tradition belonging to western civilizations was built on a common heritage.

For this reason, it is difficult to find out exactly who we owe the candle tradition to. We still think that a few questions have been answered.

Happy birthday!

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