Do Hormones Taken During Pregnancy Affect People's Sexual Identity?


It’s a known and accepted fact within the science community that being gay isn’t a choice. Instead, it’s ingrained in people’s genetic makeups. Research on whether or not homosexuality is related to our genetic codes is still in existence. We have compiled the details of the research, which will surely astonish you from Elitedaily.


Some babies are born female, while some are born male. Some come out straight, and others come out gay.

There hasn’t been a whole lot of research on exactly what it is in our biological makeup that makes one person gay and another one straight.

But now, scientists are saying your mom’s hormones may actually be to blame.

A new study, conducted by researchers from Emerita of The Kinsey Institute in the US, aim to explore how hormones some moms take during pregnancy affected their children’s sexual orientations.

Basically, they found that children whose mothers took progesterone while pregnant were more likely to identify as bisexual or gay when they became adults.

The study, published online in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, looked at 34 people (17 males and 17 females) whose moms took progesterone while pregnant.

The participants, who were all born in Denmark and in their mid-20s, were asked to fill out a survey and participate in a formal interview with a psychologist, who asked them questions relating to their sexual orientations and histories.

The results were pretty staggering. Across the board, the children of mothers who took progesterone were significantly more likely than their other peers to engage in non-heterosexual behavior and were way less likely than other groups to describe themselves as straight.

In fact, 20 percent of them identified as something other than straight. And what’s even more interesting was that they found that both sexes were more attracted to men.

By now, you’re probably wondering what progesterone is exactly, and why it’s so important for pregnant women to take.

Well, it’s a naturally produced hormone that’s especially important for women’s menstrual cycles and also helps them maintain their pregnancies. In fact, doctors frequently prescribe moms-to-be progesterone to take as a means of supporting the fertilization process and preventing miscarriages.

We all knew our sexual orientations are something we’re naturally born with, but we never really understood what could possibly contribute to making us the way we are. So this is a start.
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