Cuteness Overload: Watching Our Little Buddies Grow Up


They are adorable at every age and loyal at every step of the way. Thousands of Boredpanda users submitted the before and after photos of their dogs, starting off as a puppy and growing up to be a big fluffball. We chose the cutest ones and put together a list for you. Please try not to die from cuteness.


1. As years go by, the only thing he would not give up on was his owner and his bed.

2. The three muskeeteers.

3. The friendship that years couldn't break.

4. I guess their sleeping habits did not change much.

5. His ears are still looking fabolous!

6. Little Lily grew up.

7. 2 years were enough for this puppy to bloom.

8. "Can you see me now??"

9. Chico with his owner, and after only 2 years.

10. This puppy got as big as his owner in only 2 years.

11. Getting more handsome everyday.

12. After 3 years, still the same smile.

13. Doreen became the definition of beauty in only 1 year.

14. This goofy pup is Steve.

15. Best friends for 12 years now.

16. 4 - 8 - 12 months old.

17. The best feeling ever must be growing up together with your buddy.

18. Oscar almost did not fit in the frame after 6 months.

19. Beans after a year, still small and adorable.

20. Daytona went from a little cute baby to a big noble dog in 3 years.

21. After 4 months, the innocent eyes became playful.

22. After 3 years, he still claims that this is his basket.

23. He used to love going for a ride. Things haven't changed much.

24. "Now it's my turn to protect you pal!"
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