Animal Planet: The Disturbing, Beautiful And Surreal Paintings Of Martin Wittfooth


The 30-year-old artist, Martin Wittfooth, makes paintings telling us of our existence by reminding us of our existence. In this series of animals, we see traces of a dark legacy after the apocalypse. Here are the great paintings we compiled from Dangerousminds for you.


New York artist, Martin Wittfooth, produces stunningly beautiful and detailed allegorical paintings featuring animals wandering through a post-apocalyptic world.

Humans are absent—perhaps dead.

The world humans have bequeathed these animals is choked with plastic, devastated by pollution, and illuminated by an all-consuming fire.

Animals snared in manmade tangles of telephone cords sprout flowers from their eyes; a dead wolf bursts with colorful blooms that nourish a hummingbird; a white horse is set on fire by deranged monkeys.

The one hope is a progression to a better, more fruitful world through personal sacrifice and death.

Wittfooth’s animals represent the human experience.

We are all part of his paintings. His work has examined the folly of religion in The Passions (2011), which included paintings like The Coronation that depicted a saintly baboon haloed by fire feeding pigeons with the pages of a burning book.

Or the redemptive nature of sacrifice in “Fall/Advent” (2012) or again with the series Gardens from 2010.

The thirty-something Wittfooth is a highly accomplished artist.

He has an incredible technical skill.

He has an uncompromising vision that thrills enthralls us.

Most importantly he tells us something deeply profound about our existence.

You can follow Martin Wittfooth's works from his own Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Art lovers will look at his works for minutes and his works will continue.

You can find his works on his website here

Here is his Facebook account.

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