A Woman's Dramatic Reaction To A Man Goes Viral And The Truth Is Hilarious!


A woman goes viral as hilarious interaction with a man is caught on camera!

A mysterious woman who appeared to look very offended, throwing up her hand and strutting away had the world asking who she is and what was said.

The viral video reached more than 55,000 retweets on the Twitter.

Just look at her face and dramatic hand gesture!

People are questioning and dying to know who is she, who is he and what was he said?

Before she came forward, people were dying of curiosity...

And they were speculating like mad!

Some theories sounded more plausible! hahahaha

In this case, her reaction is pretty relatable.

After the tweet goes viral, Ellie Delgado revealed that it was she and the man in the video was her father.

17-year-old Ellie Delgado is senior at Lamar High School in Houston.

But what was the reason of that dramatic gestures?

She explained: "He was talking about a woman that he liked and wanted to go on dates with. I didn’t know that he liked her, but my sister and I had met her before,"

Ellie didn't even know she was on camera.

"I was pretty shocked," she said. "One of my classmates sent it to me during school. There were just so many tweets coming through and so many Instagrams that I couldn't keep up."

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