A Cyclone Hit Australia And The Results Are SHARKING!


After a cyclone hit the Northeastern coast of Australia, a shark found itself beached on the streets of Queensland. This might remind you of how things went down in that science-fiction movie Sharknado, because it basically is. 

Here is the story of what happened after he was found, as compiled by the Huffington Post.

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/shar...

Here is the FB post from the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services. They highly recommend that people stay out of the water and stay safe!

People working for the emergency services announced that they found the shark while working in the field after the Debbie Cyclone.

In a strong storm, it is impossible to tell what is hidden beneath the surface - until things slow down and clean up.


Local journalist, Philip Calder, stated that the nearby river is home to many sharks of this kind - bull sharks.


He added that the locals never swim in the river because of that.

According to the International Shark Attack File, bull sharks can live both in salt water and freshwater. They are known to be very aggressive and are responsible for many attacks on humans.


Although this may sound super dangerous to us, the people of Queensland even have a name for this creature on their streets... Bruce!

Bunun yanı sıra en önemli konulardan biri de insanların kıyıya vurmuş hayvanlarla özellikle köpek balıklarıyla etkileşime geçme hevesleri olsa gerek.

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