A Comedian Recreates Celebrities Iconic Photoshoots And She Absolutely Nails It!


Australian comedian Celeste Barber does hilarious recreations of celebrity photos in her Instagram account, and everyone including celebs is amazed by her works!


35-year-old comedian, Celeste Barber is known for her parodies of celebrities!

Australian comedian has amassed 5 million Instagram followers with parodies.

The hilarious photos highlight how ridiculous some celeb pictures are.

She copies poses from celebrities like Justin Bieber with hilarious results!

She sometimes gets reaction from celebrities such as Victoria Beckham.

Bekcham captioned her photo and said: "It's amazing what you can do in culottes...those ballet classes are paying off!"

She says the purpose behind them is to show the difference between real life and celebrities' highly edited and unattainable images.'

She said: 'Fashion is art and I enjoy the spectacle, but we're struggling to differentiate [on social media].

Celeste received a personal message from Cindy Crawford about her work!

She said: "She'd nailed it :P"

The Kardashian/Jenner clan are regularly featured in the comedian's spoofs!

Even Kris Jenner is amazed by Celeste's works, even though she regularly mocks her daughters' Instagram posts!

She definitely rocks it! 😂

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