9 Must-See Aamir Khan Movies


Starting a new relationship soon? Better watch these and increase your "cool" points first! All jokes aside, Amir Khan's movies are wildly popular and we've got the starter 9 pack for you here!

9. Mumbai Diaries

8. Talaash

-Where are you from?

-Slaves don't have a land. They go wherever they are taken to.

7. Lagaan

We aren't playing this game for fun, this is a war that we have to win.

6. Dil chahta hai

An ungrateful person is one who knows the price of everything, but the value of nothing

5. Dhoom 3

My faith is as strong as iron at every step.

4. Fanaa

How can a person love some one so much?

3. Ghajini

Kalpana is like a magic wand,

When she moves, the earth moves, too.

2. Taare zameen par (Every Child is Special)

Look for the purpose of your light where you are happy.

1. 3 idiots

All izz well...

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