7 "Incredible" Dishes Made With Blood!


This listicle may seem a little scary and gross, but we need to respect all traditional foods.

The commonality in these dishes is that they are all cooked with the preferred animal’s blood.

1. Tiết canh - Vietnam


Tiết canh is a traditional food made with duck meat, viscera and pure duck blood.

Recipe: The freshly drawn blood is collected in a bowl, and prevented from premature coagulation by mixing it with some fish sauce of certain proportions, usually three to five soup spoons of fish sauce for one quart of blood. The finished dish can be kept cool in the refrigerator, which allows the blood to maintain its coagulated state.

2. Cabidela - Portugal


This one is cooked with the blood of a rabbit or chicken and vinegar. It is usually served with rice.

3. Blood Sausages - Whole World


This is a popular food all around the world. It’s made according to the different tastes of different countries with pork meat, cattle, sheep, duck or goat blood.

4. Czernina Przepis - Poland


This dish is made as a sweet and sour soup with duck blood.

Flavor balance is found by adding sugar and vinegar. Czernina is usually served with pasta, boiled potatoes or meatballs.

5. Blodplättar - Sweden


This pancake-like dish is prepared with pig blood, flour, onion and spices on a pan.

6. Mykyrokka - Finland


It’s Finland’s traditional soup. Made with intestine, blood, meat, onion and potato.

7. Dinuguan - Philippines


This dish is a type of casserole made with pork and blood.

The flavor comes from vinegar, pepper, garlic, green pepper and well-cooked blood. It’s usually served with rice.

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