41 Weird Cat Pics of Internet that Never Gets Old


Spoiler: Post Contains Cats

Source: http://www.buzzfeed.com/chelseamarshall/...

1. This cat trying to find new ways to enjoy its meal

2. This zero gravity cat

3. This cat loving to create suspense before eating its prey

4. This Turtle cat... or a caturtle.... or a turtcat.. Whatever...

5. This nihilist cat

6. This cat doing something we don't know

7. Just a cat owning a pet human

8. "It was that close" cat

9. A cat caught while transforming

10. Heart shaped cat

11. Ewwwwww cat

12. Commander of all cats

13. A cat showing us its liquid form

14. This cat making you question your whole life just by looking

15. A red bowtie and a cat. Say no more.

16. This "I just found a wormhole here." cat

17. Photobomb Cat

18. This ordinary cat and its ordinary human

19. This animal supergroup

20. A cat that doesn't like the Instagram filter that you use

Do not use Kelvin I said

21. This "obviously I hate children" cat

22. This Jabba cosplay Cat

23. Level 99 Rogue Cat

24. This cat and its rude human disturbing it while doing its thing

25. Hurray its the first snow of year cat

26. World's first remote cate

27. Just an amphibious cat

28. This GPS cat

29. Its rude to throw your cat as a garbage

30. This is a dog. He is trying to sneak into cat world. Don't be fooled

31. This car disguised as a human

32. Just a couple with telekinetic powers

33. Three cats protesting a super market

34. A meltcat

35. This pants and a black shoe. And a cat embracing the life

36. A bossy boss cat

37. A group of cats guarding a home from nothing

38. Most sinister of all cats

39. "Outside" labelled cat

40. This toddler enjoying the park.. Oh wait!! It's actually a cat. Ha ha how cute.

41. Your average Instagram celebrity cat

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