27 Startling Illustrations That Will Awaken Your Senses And Change The Perspectives!


With these illustrations, which depict life in a critical manner, you'll have the chance to recognize the peril of the situation with a clearer view.

1. Fooling oneself.

2. It couldn't be explained better.

3. If only we had learned the meaning of freedom...

4. The summary of today's relationships.

5. Even the fish don't take the bait this easily.

6. Persona.

7. It's just this.

8. Both sides know the truth, but...

9. Selfishness will finish us, bit by bit.

10. Which one are you?

11. If you think that you could take your money to the other side, keep running!

12. Education is a must! Especially for the ones who decide on the education system.

13. What defines our limits?

14. Brain is for free, really!

15. May be...

16. Unfurl the sails!

17. Like father, like son.

18. The modern family...

19. The in-betweens...

20. Traces of some animals.

21. The unbearable lightness of escaping the system.

22. Not too far future.

23. Brains filled with what's coming out there.

24. Everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others.

25. Next victim, please!

26. You realize that it's too late.

27. Life...

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