26 Awesome Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day If You Are Single!


Are you going to spend Valentine's Day on your own? People over at Buzzfeed asked fellow singles how they're going to spend that special day. 

Here are 26 of the best alternatives for an amazing single Valentine's!

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If you are single, Valentine's day doesn't mean much to you. Even if you're happy on your own all the fuss about Valentine's can be annoying.

Everywhere I look, I see couples!

1. Start your own Valentine's Day tradition!

“My tradition is to bake a homemade, heart-shaped pizza and watch The Princess Bride. Sometimes included: buying cute lingerie for me and baking cookies for friends. I love my traditions!”

2. Watch My Bloody Valentine!


“I usually watch My Bloody Valentine or some other Valentine related horror movie (there are more than you’d think).”

3. Post a selfie.

“I’ll be seeing Fifty Shades of Grey with my girls and then posting a bomb ass selfie.”

4. Be extremely grateful for your dog!

“I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m going to spend the day celebrating my dog’s birthday. Be jealous.”

5. Spend time with your siblings.


“I spent my best Valentine’s day with my sister. Neither of us had dates and we thought what’s better than sister love. Still my best Valentine’s day and I still think I have the best sister ever. Or I just stay in and eat Ben and Jerry’s. That always works too.”

6. Prepare DIY Valentine's Day cards for your friends.

“I am in the process of making Valentine cards for my fellow singletons. Each one is different but very much on the lines of ‘you are valued’.

7. Go to the gym!

“Going to the gym! It’s just another day.”

8. Travel to somewhere else if you have the chance!

“We went to Dublin with my best friend, had a pizza to share in a greasy takeaway and sampled lots of types of whisky before rebuffing all of the French and Irish rugby fans and salsa dancing with each other until the early hours. Best valentines ever.”

9. Send anonymous presents to your single friends.

“I’m finding some relatively inexpensive gifts to anonymously send via Amazon to the few single friends I have (I’m middle aged, most of my friends are in relationships). Something to make other people’s days brighter, as making other people happy makes me happy.”

10. Show yourself some love!


“You have to spend it on a self-lovin’ session. Go do whatever the fuck it is you feel like doing that day. Wanna splash some cash on clothes? Do it. Wanna eat junk food all day? Do it. Wanna stay in and just watch TV? Guess what, Valentine's day is a day traditionally dedicated to showing the one you love most in life that they are special to you, and the one person in life you should love the most, before anyone else, is yourself.”

11. Embrace self-love FOR REAL THIS TIME!

“Just masturbate! Schedule some alone time, preferably in your room. Light some candles, put on some relaxing music, or watch porn, or use your imagination.”

12. Host a dinner party!


“For the past few years I’ve thrown a dinner party for my other single friends. I cook something a little bit fancy, like I might do if I were cooking for a date/partner. We drink plenty of wine. The only rule is that nobody is allowed to talk about love, sex or romance unless it’s part of a story about how awful an ex was or how awesome we are as single people. The playlist is all songs about being awesome single people or how rubbish relationships are. I have had requests from friends who are coupled-up to join in because they wish they could come, but only single people are allowed.”

13. Read, read, and read some more.

“I head over to the bookstore and choose out a couple of cheap romance novels, go home make some mac and cheese, wrap myself in one of my plush blankets, turn my phone off, and read myself to sleep.”

14. Host a slumber party!

“I had a slumber party with all my single girlfriends and we played mariokart and watched movies and made pizza. Valentines day isn’t just about romantic love. Its about the love we share with everybody close to us.”

15. Go to a fancy restaurant with your friends.

“My friends and I dressed up and went out for Indian food. Having dinner with 3 people I love unconditionally and know love me … We were SATC before there was SATC.”

16. Remember all the good things about being single.


“Give thanks for the fact that I can eat cereal for dinner, watch whatever I like on TV, turn up the thermostat rather than put on another jumper, and go to sleep without someone poking his d**k in my back, believing that it’s going to turn me on.”

17. Spend the day at the spa, if you can.

“Take yourself to a spa and treat yourself to a massage, a mani-pedi, whatever!”

18. Treat yourself and EAT as much as you can.


“EAT. Haha I’m not kidding, I eat healthy about 90% of the time so on Valentine’s Day I plan on ordering pizza and eating some sweets and just watching TV and hanging out with my new puppy. I’m pretty excited lol.”

19. Sleep!

“I do what I always do on Valentine’s day: I take a nap.”

20. Embrace these sad feelings for once.

“Honestly, for me, trying to ignore it and pretend I’m happy and “totally fine!” doesn’t work, so I embrace the suck. I allow myself a pity party, because hell, we’re all entitled now and then. For me that means locking the doors, eating something bad for me, and watching something like Gilmore girls.

21. Spend time with your mother.


“I’m booking the day off work and going shopping with my Mum. I’m gonna blow a load of money on things that make me feel awesome.”

22. Throw an Anti-Cupid party.

“Anti-Cupid party. Invite all your single friends and just have fun. Whether it’s a “woo being single’s great” thing or a “man being single sucks” thing you’ll enjoy yourself. ”

23. Convince yourself that It's just another day!

“Treat it just like every other Tuesday, because it is."

24. Be with your friends. It's the best thing you can do!

“Friends. Meet your single AF friends and be single AF together.”

25. Watch How to Be Single


“Watch How To Be Single – it’s a really great movie and you’ll feel empowered as a single girl/guy afterwards.”

26. Spend some time on your ultimate world domination plan!


“Same thing I do every night : Try to take over the world!”

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