25 Good Reasons for You to Have a Boxer


Having a pet animal is rad. Having a dog is far out. That dog being a Boxer is  supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

1. They are chill with babies

2. You can't find any other who is more responsible and caring

3. They are not only good baby sitters but also really nice playtime friends

4. Don't worry they'll also play with you

5. Their confused face is the best of best

6. Look at that silly expression on his face

7. They'll listen to your word.

But they'll try anything to change your word

8. They love expressing their happiness

9. Sometimes even a bit too much

10. We said so...

11. They are good with other animals as well

12. Other animals might get tired of them though


13. They get annoyed rarely

14. They always have good intentions

Sometimes it might end up with some dire results

15. Sometimes they also WTF themselves

16. They have a master degree on laziness

17. They can even give lectures about it

18. They have a great sense of humour

19. They are delicate

20. They are good at sports

21. But their laziness sometimes gets into front

22. They try hard to be seen


23. They love being together and sharing...

24. ... and of course playing games

25. A boxer is a great puppy to have

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