23 Dorks Who Got Creative with Their Parking


We have them everywhere and there’s no running away from them. BUT these idiots have just reached a whole new level with their ‘parking’.

1. “Oh I’ll just fit here, no biggie!”

2. Never misses an empty spot now does he?

3. “I’m expecting company, these spots are reserved.”

4. If only he spent half the effort in centering the car to parking correctly.

5. “I think I saw a spot here.”

6. Following the path this white ‘Vette opened.

7. “Hey check it out, I learned a new trick…”

8. “I’ll park the rest later on, I’ll just leave it here for now.”

9. “This spot is empty, let me get you all sorted, Sir.”

10. He parked for good alright?

11. “I’ll just show my 4x4 skills off.”

12. How can you even? Seriously?!

13. What’s your problem really, dude?

14. There are soooo many idiots out there we feel all alone being reasonable.

15. Me saving a spot for my buddy at the bus.

16. “Look you guys, I don’t want to see ANYBODY crossing this street alright?”

17. “So what if we’re no pedestrian?”

18. Well he had it coming…

19. “I managed to fit somehow but I don’t know about the rest.”

20. “No time to explain, park in the middle and tag along!”

21. Find the killer…It’s like finding Waldo.

22. The guy who tries really hard to be in the frame.

23. “Look at these shiny lines. I’ll just use them to align my ride perfectly. Mmmm, sweet.”

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