23 Animals Sworn to Kill You


Sometimes you see that cute curious face on your cat. Sometimes they just wish that you die.

1. Seriously? From the first day?

2. What's that? Your iPhone? Just bring me the hair dryer fucker

3. Just... Damn you

4. Dude.. Damn you twice

5. Go wash your own ass

6. I might look goofy. But I will find you... and kill you

7. Were you expecting me to ask you drawing me like your French girls?

8. Yeah I look like a sheep... so funny... Asshole

9. Why don't you just open the window bitch

10. I wouldn't sleep if I were you

11. I'm not even a cat or dog!

12. I'll drink milk from your skull

13. Where the fuck is my food?

14. You gonna suffer human

15. Go have fun with your mum

16. I'm not a toy dickhead

17. What have you done to me!!?

18. Just wait till I get out


19. Just give me some fucking food

20. Really dude? Really?

21. Why don't you just dry me?

22. You better not get me sick

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