21 Things To Do On Sundays To Make Your Mondays Better!


Monday morning syndrome is more real than ever. But you can easily fight through your disastrous Mondays! Here we give you 21 things you could do on Sundays to make your Mondays go much better!

Your to-do list on a Sunday might look something like this


But it’s not really healthy to make a fresh start.

If you have a list like this one, it might be better!

You might get over "Monday Syndrome" much easier.

Just a few small steps on a Sunday, and your week can start out nicely.

How, you ask?

1. Get rid of all the extra, old things in your fridge.

Save your fridge from all of the foul leftovers and expired products. Once you get your fridge in order, it will be a better and easier place to go to during the week.

2. Go through your purse and bag.

There will be LOTS of receipts, notes and what not in your bag during the weekend. Throw them away, and prepare your bag for Monday, so you can just grab it and leave.

3. Groceries!

Make sure you have enough food for the upcoming week, and plan your meals so that you won’t spend any time thinking about what to eat during the week.

4. Snacks, lots of snacks!

It’s easy. Just put some healthy snacks in your fridge, to make sure you can avoid dirty, fried stuff when you get home from work.

5. Make a proper to-do list

Mondays are always hectic. Before you embrace this hellish day, make a list of the things you need to do.

6. Prepare your breakfast beforehand.

You will be tired and bored already in the morning. You need a proper breakfast to get all the energy you need for the weekend. Just put together something good to avoid a morning rush.

7. Plan your week

Take notes and write your upcoming meetings and dates in your calendar. Once you start going over them, you will feel even more motivated to do more.

8. Arrange your wardrobe.

Make sure you get rid of that mess and plan your outfits beforehand.

9. Make time for yourself.

Maybe a nice bath, a good read, or a favorite movie. Don’t neglect yourself.

10. Check the weather.

To avoid surprises and plan your outfits better.

11. Same goes for gym clothes.

If you go for a run in the evenings, make sure your clothes are ready.

12. Spend time with your family and friends.

Get back in touch with your friends and family. Keep yourself social and motivated.

13. Empty all the thrash.

Clear the house and save more time.

14. Put a nice song list on in the background.

Put a nice song list on in the background.
Put a nice song list on in the background.

You won’t even realize how fast the time goes by!

15. Go out!

Once you are done with your errands, don’t be lazy. Just go out, in case you don’t have time during the week. Make the best of the good weather and do your exercises.

16. Do the laundry.

Make sure everything is clean and fresh for the week.

17. "Unfilth Your Habitat" will help you!

This app will come in handy when you are running errands. It will keep you motivated and track how much time you’ve been spending on these errands.

18. Discover things that inspire you

Find a book, a quote, or a song that keeps you motivated. It might come in handy during the week.

19. Make sure you go to bed on time.

After a long day, make sure you leave that phone on the nightstand, and go to bed early.

20. Spoil yourself.

Don’t be afraid to do some shopping, or other things you like. You have time for everything if you plan it well.

21. Spend more time on Onedio!

Tons of fun tests, lists, and more for you to have a nice time and relax!

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