21 Reasons Why Your Relationship With Your Bestie Is Priceless


There is a reason why we call them 'best' friends. These amazing people stop us from doing things we will regret later, stand by our side during hard times, and makes our enemies their enemies. We have come across the points below on BuzzFeed. We are sure you will find these 21 situations quite relatable.

By the way, is a person really your best friend if they don't hate your ex more than you do.

1. You don't know what to do when your bestie is busy.

2. You always find a way to have fun together.


3. You do stupid stuff together.

4. You do even stupider things when you are drunk.

5. You find each other equally funny.

Although nobody else seems to agree with that.

6. You do everything in your power to help them capture a perfect photo of themselves.

7. They are the first to like your posts.

8. And they don't miss any of your tweets.

9. They do their best to stop you from doing something you will regret.

10. You have your own special dance moves.

11. You don't care how silly you look when you are dancing together.

12. They are always there for you.


13. They don't hesitate to tell you to get your shit together.

14. They support you no matter what.

15. They always make you feel good about yourself.


16. They defend you no matter what.


17. Even your mimics are in sync.


18. They go above and beyond to make you feel special on your birthday.


19. You understand each other without needing words.


20. Your best memories are with them.

21. They love you for who you are and always have your back! 💜

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