21 Mind Blowing Illustrations From The World's Weirdest Book; Codex Seraphinianus


They say that the human mind has no limits, now we're going to tell you about a book worth this saying till the end. 

We're gonna tell you about the weirdest book in the world, comprising of illustrations drawn by the Italian artist, Luigi Serafini.

We'll present the stranger than anything else illustrations and also information about the book and its author...

1. The name of the book we are introducing as the weirdest book is, Codex Seraphinianus.


2. With its expanded name: Strange and Extraordinary Representations of Animals and Plants and Hellish Incarnations of Normal Items from the Annals of Naturalist / Unnaturalist Serafini.


3. The name of the book is an acronym of the sentence above, Codex Seraphinianus.


4. While the author creates utterly different universes in the minds of the readers, he in fact tortures the mind by bombarding it with fear.


5. Serafini not only disturbs the readers, but suffocates them with incomprehensible images.


6. The most interesting fact about the book is that Serafini didn't use a known language or any word order while writing the book.


7. It's still unknown whether Serafini used a language of random images or a language he invented.


8. Serafini claims that his purpose in writing the book was to make adults understand the feelings of an illiterate child looking at a book.


9. Indeed we get that feeling when you look at the book since we don't have any clue about the language used in it. It looks like nothing more than meaningless scribbles.

10. The language of the book has been under examination for years to solve the information or passwords that are thought to be hidden it.


11. However, the only fact is that the numerical system in the book is based on 21 has been revealed thus far.


12. The only thing we know about the book is that the numbers in the book are related to the number 21, but we don't know anything about the letters.


13. However, the book is acknowledged as one of the most important pieces since it shows the creativity of the human mind.


14. By the way, the author of the book is still alive and he doesn't answer any questions about the book. He only says that it was something he "scribbled" randomly.


15. Even, according to him he's not the author of the book. The author is a white cat which has been wandering around while he was scribbling.


According to him, he's not even the author of the book. The author is a white cat which had been wandering around while he was scribbling.

16. He says that this cat created imagery in his mind via telepathy so he could write the book, and thus the cat is the real author.


17. The most interesting chapter of the book is the one with illustrations in which various races and the places they live in are introduced.


18. In this chapter, which discusses races that had lived and would be living on the earth, the author really drew some mind confusing illustrations.


19. For example, he drew a human-crocodile hybrid.


20. Here he drew the formation of a crocodile from the missionary position.


21. And many others...


You can see the PDFversion of the book by clicking here. pdf.

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