21 Animals Literally Making the Best Of The Available Sunshine!


Our 21 entries here prove all pets are part-time sunflowers. They really love that sun, don't they?

1. ‘Dem deadly sun lazors!

2. Seems like someone is comfy

3. When it’s extreme sunbathing, cats come to play!

4. Followed by dogs of course…

5. A proper sunbathing party shutdown

6. Mmmmhh just like sleeping on the beach

7. “Dude my back is still not covered, move. MOVE!”

8. Mrr mrr mrr. More sunshine please…

9. Sunstruck beauty

10. The whole “Sun Ray” gang is here

11. Then there’s this model…

12. This dog is going to places... literally, squeezing it all in!

13. We fits here, we sits here. It’s warm here yeah?

14. My chair, my sun, my kingdom. Now photograph me hooman.

15. Sup bro? We’re just chillin chillin’.

16. I go where the sun takes me.

17. Sunbathing queue…

18. Now who upset this cutiepie? Just look at him!!!!

19. I’ll just cover the bed. Mmmm, warmth…

20. This sunshine is surely not enough…

21. Leave his highness alone, he’s resting.

This requires a bonus for sure!

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