21 Animal Posts to Prove that They Are Our Furry Copies


Introducing you to some animals that act just like us...

1. When you put your hat on before your mama tells you. Because you're an adult.

2. When you over-eat:

3. When you're wanted to smile for a family pic:

4. When your friend's order is so much better than your salad:

5. When you've forgotten an important event:

6. When you're too much into your comfort-zone to care:

7. When you hit your pinky toe to the door:

8. When you intend to take a 1 hour nap and then wake up in 2019:

9. When a sad song comes on and you imagine that it’s about you:

10. When you're trying to take an ''Instagram photo'':

11. When you're happy with your job:

12. When you go to have a glass of water at night and see yourself in the mirror:

13. When you make actual plans and no one cancels:

14. When you’re almost done with your lashes but sneeze suddenly:

15. When you have a weird hobby that no one could emphatise:

16. When you're about to fall asleep then you remember something stupid that you did in the 5th grade:

17. When you pretend it's all OK:

18. When your baby comes to your bed at 5 AM to sleep with you:

19. When you’ve just turned away and your kids are fighting again:

20. When you hear an important gossip:

21. Finally, when you're ready to party:

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