20 Weird Animal Facts Are Hard To Digest But Equally True!


1. There is a ''zombie-ant'' fungus which can perform a mind control over an ant.

2. It's hard to differentiate male from female hyenas since their genitals look almost exactly the same.

3. The ancient ancestors of whales used to walk on land and their size were close to a a wolf's.

4. Elephants are smart enough and have good enough memories to be able to seek revenge for traumatic events that happened earlier in their lives.

5. Clownfish all born male and have the ability to switch their sex.

6. The water bear is the only animal that can survive in space.

7. Some turtles are able to breath through their anus.

8. Bonobos, which are an ape species closely related humans, are nearly all bisexual.

9. Snails can sleep for 3 years.

10. The humpback anglerfish reproduces by having the male bite onto larger females to fertilize their eggs.

11. The Argentine lake duck has a penis that's as long as its body.

12. The "World's Loneliest Whale," or "Whale 52"s ongs were being sung at 52 hertz — too high for any other whale to hear. No one's certain if the whale is still alive, but he's probably a he and a blue whale.

13. The female Komodo dragon can reproduce asexually: The largest lizard in the world can lay eggs without mating through a process called parthenogenesis, or "virgin conception."

14. Cats only meow to humans.

15. Koala fingerprints are quite similar to human beings'.

16. The hippopotamus is the most dangerous animal in Africa. They caused more human deaths than crocodiles.

17. The axolotl is the only animal capable of regenerating amputated limbs, organs and injured tissues.

18. The Acanthaspis petax assassin bug uses corpses to disguise itself to confuse predators.

19. Chickens are living descendants of dinasours.

20. Finally, there's a type of fish parasite called cymothoa exigua that will eat the fish's tongue, and then takes the tongue's place!

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