20 Reasons Why Lefties Are Superior In Many Areas!


We aren't looking to start a war between lefties and right-handed people. This would only bring suffering to the lefties, who make up only the 10% of the world's population. We just want to boost morale of this minority group and make them feel special.

P.S: The editor of this content is a lefty, and may or may not have adapted a biased attitude to this gallery.

1. Lefties are generally more intelligent.


Although only 10% of the world population are left-handed, 20% of the high IQ society, MENSA, are lefties.

2. They process information very fast.


Lefties can often use both of their brain hemispheres at the same time, which makes them faster and better at processing information, compared to right-handed people.

3. They recover faster.


Because they have to live in this world designed for right-handed people, both sides of their brains are always active. Studies suggest that lefties recover much faster if they experience a case of paralysis effecting one side of their body.

4. They are artistic and creative.


Compared to right-handed people, lefties are way more artistic: Important artists such as Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci were lefties.

5. They are better at sports.


Although the reason is still unknown, it is an observed fact that right-handed people struggle with a lefty rival. Lefties are especially good at boxing, tennis, etc.

6. They have a better memory.


This isn't a case that is special to lefties: it is also observed in right-handed people who come from a family where lefties are the majority.  The episodic memory (the ability to remember events) of left-handed people is much better than those of right-handed people.

7. They are versatile.


Maybe it is because of fast cognitive skills; lefties are very good at multitasking.

8. They spend less time waiting in line.


Before you go "WTF is that supposed to mean?" let's talk science: Lefties, because they are lefties, tend to line up in the line that is on the left side. Some studies also suggest that the line on the left moves faster.

9. They earn more money.


According to research, lefties that go to college earn 13% more than the right-handed college graduates. However, there is also bad news: this doesn't apply to women. Left-handed women earn 5% less than the right-handed women once they graduate from college.

10. They are better at driving.


While 57% of lefties pass the driving test in the first try, this ratio drops to 47% in right-handed people.

11. They think faster.


The right and left hemispheres of a lefty brain communicate much faster: well, we did already mention that lefties are smarter.

12. They are good at visual arts.


They perceive visuals better than they perceive text. They are much better at photography, painting, etc. than they are at law or literature.

13. They are faster with with the keyboard.


Lefties are prominently faster using a standard QWERTY keyboard. While one can type around 450 words using only the right hand, one can type 3400 words using the left hand only, in the same amount of time.

14. People living in Atlantis may mostly be lefties.


Here is another fact, whose reason is still unknown: lefties do a way better job than right-handed people when it comes to adapting to under water environments.

15. They are better gamers.


They are able to respond faster to multiple stimuli, which could be the reason they are better at playing games.

16. Nobility runs through their vessels!


There are more lefties in the royal family than there are right-handed people. For instance, Queen Elizabeth II and her grandson, Prince William, are left-handed.

17. They are better warriors.


Just as we mentioned above while talking about sports: they have a better chance of survival because of the weaknesses the right-handed people have when faced with a lefty.

18. Good designers are lefties.


Well, we did talk about the reasons why. If you really want a tangible example: four of the five head designers of Macintosh are lefties.

19. They are more likely to receive a scholarship.

Actually, there are some foundations which offer scholarships to lefties exclusively.

20. They are more successful in politics.


Four of the seven latest US presidents are lefties: Clinton, Bush, Obama, Ford.

Bonus - They are more special.

While right-handed people don't have their own day, 13 Augst is celebrated as International Lefthanders Day!

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