19 Struggles You’ll Only Understand If You Live Far Away From Your Work Place


1. You wake up before the sunrise. 🌃🕔😢

2. You fall asleep while getting ready or having breakfast at least once a week.

3. When you wake up again you check your watch in panic. 😴😴😵😲😟😟

4. You are ready for any weather condition. Sunglasses, umbrella, gloves, sunscreen, all checked! ☔❄️☀️⚡️

5. You test the city’s public transport system, or it tests you. First train, later bus and then the cab ride for final destination…🚄🚍🚙

6. You know how to efficiently pass time in public transport.

7. You are already tired when you start working.

8. You fall asleep again…

9. After lunch time you look for secret corners for a small nap.

10. You start questioning the meaning of life… “Who am I?” , “What am I doing?” , “Does it worth?”…

11. You have suicidal thoughts about the first person who thought 8am is a good time to start working.

12. You want to strangle your friend who texted you “Good morning! :)” at 11am.

13. Even if you love your work, you keep searching for other job options.

14. Or you consider moving…

Too much work… Finding a new place, packing and unpacking all the things, all the extra expenses for moving…

15. Sometimes your tiredness causes sadness and stress at work.

16. You can’t make any plans with friends for after work.

All the missed happy hours…

17. When you are at home it’s already bed time.

18. You don’t have any time for yourself.

19. You wake up early on weekends too because of your weekday routine and you can’t go back to sleep.

That’s the worst. 😪

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