19 People Who Doesn't Give A Single F.ck


These people are the definiton of "Super chill".

1. Uhmm dude I think that umbrella belongs to our cafe

2. "You all disgust me"

3. Motorcycle and chill

4. Hitchhiking at its best

5. "Can't concentrate when I'm hungry"

6. "WAIT!!! I'm taking a picture"

7. Studying and eating while commuting.

We've all been there

8. Don't let them change you

9. "Quiet! I'm playing with ma phone"

10. "Just waiting for my wife"

11. With a smiling face

12. Legit old man

13. When you didn't pay for your water bill

14. "I drive a hybrid"

15. Me when I di... Damn Daniel!!

16. Cool glasses

17. Cause why not

18. Always act classy

19. Meanwhile in Turkey

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