18 Mind-Blowing Photos That Will Make You Say 'WTF Is Going On'


These photos will make your imagination work at full power and you need to stare at them for a long time in order to understand!

1. "It looks like like a giant sitting amongst mountains."

2. Oh, hi Moses, is that you?

3. Hot dog guys don't feel funny, I guess 😂

4. Just a welder doing his work, nope, not a shot from a fantasy movie!

5. "IPhone X's portrait mode made my glass vanish."

6. Mr.Goat the new Instagram star.

7. “OMG! My cat’s eyes are closed, but in her reflection, they’re open.”

8. Moscow metro is rockin!

9. 😍😍

10. Camel? Caterpillar? Camelpillar?

11. “Here’s a pelican trying to bite me."

12. Who wants a burger after looking the monument dedicated to oilmen in Russia?

13. A giant insect is attacking the petrol station!

14. A curved coin?

15. “This camera angle looks like my baby’s feet are not attached to a body.”

16. Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur!

17. "I thought there was a real elephant at a first glance."

18. 😻😻

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