18 Gruesome Struggles That Every Women Can Relate To!


We don't know how can we explain the fact that women generally face funny challenges and get into the most awkward situations. We gathered some of the bad situations for you... And only women can understand how much they hurt...

18. Women with long hair probably face:

17. This really really hurts...

16. 15 seconds after girls wear...

15. “I was sedated for a dentist appointment and remember absolutely nothing from it. It seemed like I was wide awake the entire time, which explains the pictures I just found on my phone.”

14. “Catch me with this cute curling iron burn on my face for the next week.”

13. You should thinking again before going out with this lipstick...

12. “After 5 years of doing my eyebrows, I just waxed off a part of one...please, send help!”

11. “Me with and without makeup, but still cute”

10. “I got this mask thinking it’d be relaxing and nice. But it’s not relaxing at all! It has no mouth hole! I can’t talk or breathe! This makes me look like a movie villain!”

9. “The way I want to spend my evening after a long work day”

8. “It costs $40!”

7. “I thought the effect would be...different.”

6. Forced to work!

5. If you can't lose weight...

4. Putting your jacket in the tumble dryer when your lipstick is in the pocket:

3. “My waterproof camera sucked in water and died but left me this last image.”

2. One of the high heels problems:

1. Mirror mirror...

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