17 Things You’ll Relate To If You’re A Truly Terrible Cook!


Not everyone in this world is blessed with the natural ability to cook delicious meals. Some of us just can’t “know” when a meal needs a little more spice, salt, or -whatever they’re putting in those delicious foods to make them taste delicious. And it’s OK. Well not being able to feed yourself isn’t such a cool thing but it’s somehow OK to not being able to be a chef wannabe. HOWEVER, some people can’t even heat frozen food. And that’s what we’ll be talking about now. Here are 17 things you only know if you’re a terrible, TERRIBLE cook.

1. Any time you attempt to cook something, you burn it.


Yes, even frozen pizza.

2. And you can forget about baking.


Store-bought cupcakes are the way to go.

3. Just thinking about cleaning up afterward gives you a headache.


4. Your S.O. knows what they can expect from you.

Also: you as a mom.

5. Even when you try to perform the easiest of tasks, such as reheating leftovers, you fail.


6. You're incapable of boiling anything without the pot overflowing.


Every. Single. Time.

7. You always manage to set off the smoke detector.

Hey, at least you know it works!

8. When you have to use a knife, it's inevitable that you're going to get cut, too.


9. You don't understand what can and cannot go in the oven.


Or in the microwave for that matter.

10. You can never get the lids off jars.


11. When you cook frozen food it's usually still frozen in the middle.

12. You can't even cook something in the microwave without making a mess.


Hey, it's hard to judge how much liquid you can put in a cup.

13. Your dinners typically look similar to this.


14. Popcorn is pretty much off-limits in your house.


Nothing smells worse than burned popcorn.

15. You always drop ingredients.


16. You often ruin utensils when you are attempting to cook on the stove.


Burned spoons, melted handles....

17. BUT you CAN cook macaroni 'n' cheese.


*Instant mac 'n' cheese, of course.

Sounds familiar? 😂😂


Source: BuzzFeed

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