17 Moments Of True Love From Married Men!


We are not sure if true love exists or not. It looks like for some it really does. Some people have high hopes for true love, and unfortunately they are not able to find it. Some come across it when it's least expected. These married men are lucky enough to believe in it, and guess what? They found it!!

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1. "I still know she's the one, cuz I still have butterflies when I see her or hear her voice. She also makes it so no one else is even remotely attractive."


2. "She had ambitions, loved her own life and followed her dreams, yet still made time for me."


3. The way I would look at her. Like, just the thought of her would make me smile and how we were basically a team."


4. "When I realized that every moment spent with her was what held my world together."


5. "There's no words or form of a sentence in any language or book that could describe the way she makes me feel. She is my happy, my world, my moon, stars, and my fairy tale ending."


6. "When I almost lost her and felt the worst pain, physical and emotional."


7. "She laughed at my lamest jokes, and read my awful poetry without criticism."


8. "She took the time to communicate, listen, appreciate, spend intimate time with, and care about who I am."


9. "You just know. I knew I wouldn't enjoy life without her, and I knew when I cared about her more than myself."


10. "When I realized I genuinely wanted to hear how her day went and when she was having a bad day, it upset me much more than when I had a bad day.."


11. "We fell in love when we realized how much we had in common. How much we can relate. Despite the fact that everyone opposed us."


12. "When she was the first person I thought of whenever something happened. No matter what it was, I wanted to share it with her."


13. "Because after I kissed her the first time, I knew that there was not another woman in the world I wanted to kiss more."


14. "When she said she didn't want a fancy wedding, just a marriage."


15. "When she decided to keep the baby and didn't even consider anything else."


16. "She moved from London to New York to be with me."


17. "When you see her every day for years and never get bored."

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