16 Surprising Facts About Coffee That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of


You walk around with it in your fancy mug, you share it on Instagram. Why not brag about it more? Here are 16 facts about coffee which will make you look sophisticated here and there.

1. Saliva wipes out half the flavor of coffee.

Have you ever wondered why you can’t get the taste of coffee as much as the smell of it? It’s because your saliva makes half of it go away. I mean it’s not you, it’s biology...

2. Starbucks used to sell coffee beans only before they started selling coffees in paper cups.

Hipsters were all over the place back then, that’s why. Yes.

3. We use its seeds but coffee is actually a fruit.

Coffee beans, which are in fact the seeds of the berries from coffea plant, go through a long process: First they are separated from the fruit, and then dried, roasted and grinded.

4. Coffee is the second most selling product in the world.

The first one, as you may have guessed, is oil, which can start and end wars.

5. Granulated coffee, also called instant coffee, was first introduced to the world by George Washington in 1910.

Of course it is not the first-president-of the-US Washington. This one was a businessman .

6. If you want to get the best impact of it, you should drink your coffee between 9:30 - 11:30 in the morning.

Your body is now ready for the day. Brew all the coffee!

7. On average, 2.5 billion cups of coffee are consumed everyday, all around the world.

The coffee consumed by office workers working after-hours is left out, I guess.

8. Brazil is not only the king of football, but also the king of coffee production.

For the last 150 years, Brazil has been the biggest coffee producer in the world.

9. You reduce your risk of becoming an alcoholic 43% if you drink two cups of coffee everyday.

Probably because you will be addicted to coffee instead. This one must be studied... Good heavens...

10. The name cappuccino comes from Capuchin friars.

Who are Capuchin friars? They are friars who wear brown or dark brown robes whose colors look a lot like cappucino’s.

11. Qahwa = Al-qahwa = Coffee = The wine of the bean

The word coffee comes from Arabic Qahwa, which originally meant wine of beans.

12. Sooo sorry, I am in tears now, but 20% of the office coffee mugs contain fecal bacteria and E. coli.

Maybe you will not die of it, but please remember to wash your hands regularly for the sake of humanity.

13. Coffee with a sour taste is either rotten or very good.

Cold-brewed coffee is 67 percent less acidic than hot-brewed. That’s why you get that sourish taste from it. But please remember that if your coffee is unbearably tangy, it probably went bad.

14. Coffee is not found only in the blood, but also in the sperm.

15. In ancient Arab culture, a wife can divorce her husband if he does not supply her with fresh coffee.

“Idle hands are the devil's playthings; now go to the kitchen, where you belong, hubby!”

16. Those who brew coffee with marijuana tell that it is hallucinative.

What else did you expect? For god’s sake...

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