16 Girlfriends Who Are Masters Of The Relationship Game


1. This girlfriend who lured his bae out of bed with a Pringle tail:

2. This girlfriend who gave the best present to his boyfriend, a mousepad with her favorie picture on it:

3. And this one picked the best wrap for a present:

4. This girlfriend who dressed up as her boyfriend:

5. The girlfriend with a tricky question:

6. The girl who tries to convince his boyfriend that they need a dog by placing these all over ther apartment:

7. The girlfriend who has a brilliant Nicholas Cage pillow:

8. And this one has the best locket with her picture in it:

9. This one's good at captions:

10. And this one's good at WTF game:

11. A poet:

12. A guy drawn a face on a fan and found out that his girl did the same:

13. Mug life:

14. When pizza is life:

15. This girlfriend who came up with a solution to a problem we ALL have:

16. And finally, this girlfriend who came up with the best birthday cake for her bae's 25th:

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