15 Ways You Can Benefit From Gaming


Let's face it, the gaming industry has become the biggest, when it comes to entertainment, and almost 3 out of 4 Americans spend at least 10 hours per week either playing mobile or console games. 

As long as you don't do it excessively, gaming can actually be very helpful. Here are 15 things you should know about the other side of gaming.

1. You feel relaxed, happy and free...

Since you are doing something you like, all of your daily stress goes away, and you feel happier. Eventually, this leads to the slowing of your aging process.

2. Controlled anger release

Anger and violence are within us, and are two of our basic instincts. During gaming sessions, you are able to release all of your anger in a controlled environment.

3. Sharper sight and a better skill at noticing details

Many different academic research results show that people who play FPS (First-person-shooter) games on a regular basis have improved eyesight. Call-of-Duty and Battefield are even used in some eye clinics!

4. New friendships, new communities to explore

Teenagers tend to grow their confidence and express themselves better when they play multiplayer games.

5. Better teamwork

Since many multiplayer games require perfect teamwork and dedication, people who spend time with these games become better team players.

6. Faster problem solving

Many computer games give players complicated problems to solve. Players often need to analyze the situation quickly, and go through alternative routes in their heads before deciding which to take.

7. Remain fit and healthy (if you want to)

Tel Aviv University reports that people who play fitness and sports games on Nintendo Wii show better improvement with stroke treatments.

8. Better hand-eye co-ordination

Many expert surgeons spend at least 3-4 hours per week playing video games in order to improve their hand-eye co-ordination, so they can perform better surgeries. It also helps to improve their reflexes, too.

9. Faster decisions

Video games improve the ability of kids to express themselves. Games also improve their creativity and they learn how to be responsible for their own decisions.

10. Versatile personalities

Different characters, different play styles, different personalities…

11. Enhance creativity, better imagination

There are so many games out there for you that require you to fully use your imagination.

12. Less psychological burden, less aches

You can treat your anxiety or back pain, or even toothache, while gaming. Research shows that gaming can help distract your brain, so you concentrate on other things, ignoring the pain.

13. Better focus, more attention

German professors claim that if you spend at least 30 minutes playing Super Mario every day, your memory, focus, and motor skills improve significantly. The research also suggests increased neural capacity.

14. Important improvements in diseases

There is strong evidence that video games can help treat many Alzheimers and Schizophrenia cases.

15. Seeing the bigger picture

Gamers can come up with alternate routes and look at things from different perspectives.

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