15 Things The Platypus Is Desperately Trying To Tell Us!


The platypus is a whole new world of information, if you are interested in them. They can be your most interesting pet. They have a beak, though they are considered mammals. They don’t have nipples even though they have breasts. They have tons of different names, and we can certainly learn a lot from these weird creatures. Let’s start!

1. They say "all is possible" by living both on land and in the sea.

2. They are one of the only two mammals who lay eggs instead of giving birth. They clearly say life is full of YOUR choices.

3. “The living embodiment of God’s sense of humor.” “Beaver-duck thing.” “Reptile, but not really.” They are called many things, but they say it doesn’t matter what they're called; it’s important who they really are!

4. No other creature is like them. They are clearly trying to tell us to be original.

5. Their body temperature is different than ALL others mammals, which says that it’s not the heat you feel, but the heat others feel on you.

6. They use their absurd tail to keep themselves warm.? “Never underestimate what life offers you.”

7. Their beak has no major function. They have extra bones, compared to other mammals, and even have legs on the side! Clearly, a sign of saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover!”

8. Even though they look so cute, they are EXTREMELY poisonous. “Don’t trust anyone else but yourself.”

9. The female platypus has breasts, but no nipples, so they feed their little ones with small gutters on their body. “It doesn’t matter if you have something, what matters is how you use it.”

10. They have an insanely high sense of electric current; a clear sign of how important that first spark is.

11. And these electro sensors are located on the very edge of their beak. “You may find it funny but it might be crucial for others.” Shame on us!

12. They fully shut their eyes and trust their senses when they are hunting underwater. “It’s the heart that really sees, not the eyes.”

13. Males never raise their kids. It shows us how divine motherhood is, once again.

14. Instead of having regular XY chromosome, they have 10 different sex-determining chromosomes, which show how important sexuality can be.

15. Not even a strong dose of morphine can overcome its poison. “Literally, only times heals!”

Bonus – Seeing them in your dream.

We have no idea how your dreams got there, but if you dream about the platypus, it’s considered that you will have good times coming up. Either with friends or family, or you will achieve something big in your career. It also means you will find what you have been seeking for so long. So, they finally tell us to find peace on earth. Clever animals, really!

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