15 Things You'll Relate If You Have A Few But Amazing Friends!


If you are one of those people who would rather have a few amazing close friends than hundreds of casual ones, this one is for you ☺️

1. Other people see them as loners and assume they are not friendly.

2. But the company of their close friends mean more than anything else to them.

They see their friends like their siblings from other parents...

3. They overcome all the challenges they face with their friends' support. Their friends make them strong.

4. They only become friends with people who are happy about their happiness. They have no one that could 'back-stab' them.

5. And it's their close friends who will know and and tell honestly when something is wrong with them.

No one around them tries to take advantage of their disadvantages.

6. Though they are strong enough individually, together with their friends they are just indestructible!

7. They can talk about bullsh*t for hours with their friends.

They can act silly or become a child again with their friends, no matter how old they are.

8. They don't keep around judgmental people who question everything they do.

9. On the contrary, they like being friends with people who make his/her problems their problems too.

10. They are generous people who like sharing whatever they have with others.

11. With a few friends they have, they can communicate and understand each other, even without talking.

12. Even if they don't live in the same city anymore, they stay in touch. They just can't stay apart for too long.

13. Having a new relationship is not a trouble for their friendship. For them, friends come first.

14. They never let each other down. They never go through hard times alone.

15. Even if years pass and they get old, their friendships remain unchanged.

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