15 Reasons Why We Love Lucky Luke, The Invincible Cowboy Of The Wild West

> 15 Reasons Why We Love Lucky Luke, The Invincible Cowboy Of The Wild West

Lucky Luke is a humorous comic series created by Belgian cartoonist, Morris, in 1946. The arch enemy of Daltons, the deadeye and lonesome cowboy Lucky Luke, who always makes sure that all's well, was undoubtedly the favorite childhood hero most people admired.

But what was it that made him so lovable? Let's take a nostalgic journey!

For those who want to listen to the legendary sound-track while reading the post:

1. He is dedicated to others' well-being and safety, bravely takes on every task given to him, risking his life without any hesitation. He is a hero with a huge heart.

When necessary, he even interrupts his much-beloved bubble baths and runs to help those in need. 😅🛁

2. And he doesn't even expect anything in return, not even stamps; because he isn't interested in material things. He dedicates himself to justice and has ended up living far away from home, all alone for this cause.

We have never seen him accepting any kind of payment for clearing the city of bad guys, or chasing gold sucks like The Daltons do.

3. He can move faster than his own shadow and he shows us that some situations require intelligence rather than guns if you want to emerge victorious against your enemies. He is the most invincible man in the Wild West.

He has taught us to always watch our back and not even to trust our own shadow if the time comes. 😉

4. He has also taught us how to be 'cool' by always keeping calm, no matter what is going on.

He takes on any kind of tough missions with calmness and never panics. 😏

5. His fashion sense and his clothes are quite clean and tasteful compared to the other cowboys of the time. No matter how crazy his adventures turn out to be, he always manages to keep himself and his clothes clean.

His white cowboy hat, yellow shirt, and red muffler... 😍

6. No matter what they do, he always approaches his enemies with tolerance and mercy.

We have learned it from him that no matter how powerful one is, one should aspire to be a good person first.

7. Instead of cruel punishments, he prefers to teach criminals a lesson, in an interesting and witty way. He is an intelligent, strong, and very creative hero.

Get some tar and feathers! 😂

8. He has never said anything hurtful to the useless sheriff, who constantly fails to prevent The Daltons, his arch enemies, from breaking out of prison. He has always been respectful and kind.

Infinite patience! 😌

9. Despite being a cowboy, he is way different than others. He is never rude, but always kind and sensitive towards others.

A true gentleman! ❤️

10. He has especially set the perfect example for a true gentleman thanks to his elegant and kind behavior toward women.

Almost all women have fallen in love with him, but being the lonesome, dedicated cowboy that he is, he took the solitary path.

11. He is not only loving towards humans, but also towards animals. He has never neglected his strong, brave horse Jolly Jumper. He has also never given up on his dog, Rantanplan, who always misunderstands Lucky Luke, causes nothing but trouble, and could be the only dog who can't swim! :)

He has not only taught us about loving animals but also that they can be even more trustworthy friends than humans.

12. He is responsible enough to get rid of his beloved cigarette so that he wouldn't set a bad example for children.

Who else could deserve to be our favorite childhood hero?

13. It was thanks to him that we learned how the first telegraph wire was installed, what whale oil was good for, who Mormons, Billy the Kid, Calamity Jane, and many more were.

14. He has never accepted a bribe, even after all his impressive achievements. He has never gone the wrong way and has shown us what it is to have character.

A round of applause! 👏

15. When it is time to hear the compliments, he masterfully disappears, because Lucky Luke is humble enough to not accept any flattery.

'Lucky Luke? But where has he gone?'