15 ‘Haunted Hotels’ From All Around the World


Having lots of disappointed guests saying ‘To hell with that hotel.’ Yet, they still makes us wonder why the staff and owners still reside and don’t run away. Here are your 15 so-called haunted hotels. Free to go in, but we don’t guarantee a way out…

1. The Langham (England)

Having a total of 7 different ghosts, including the 3rd Napoleon’s ghost as well, The Langham is located right by Oxford Street in London. If you want to make your worst choice while you are in London, book a room at this hotel. However, we should add the fact that the hotel’s bar, The Artesian has been voted "the best bar in the world" over 3 times. COINCIDENCE?! We think not… *sips his cool exotic cocktail at The Artesian*

2. The Crescent (USA)

One of the most haunted hotels in the United States, The Crescent, in Arkansas, has 8 ghosts residing inside, according to the legends. The hotel opened in 1886.

3. Hever (England)

Served as a castle in its glorious times, now serving as a hotel, Hever Castle is said to have Anne Boleyn’s ghost inside. King Henry the 7th’s wife Boleyn, spent her childhood in this castle. A lot of the customers said they saw Boleyn inside the hotel.

4. The Hawthorne (USA)

Located in Massachusetts, lots of paranormal activity ranging from missing keys, to lights going on and off, have been observed in this hotel. Room 602, especially, is thought to be extremely haunted.

5. Coronado (USA)

Located in California and opened in 1888, this beautiful hotel was the biggest hotel back in its days. But it wasn’t as beautiful on the inside. All the workers, and some guests, said they saw weird faces and a pale-faced woman wearing a long black dress walking around. They also said they heard weird voices, too. Why the hell are you still staying there if you experienced all these!

6. Shelbourne (Ireland)

Having 265 rooms, the hotel is believed to be haunted by an 8-year-old girl, who died due to cholera during her stay.

7. Karosta Hotel (Lithuania)

This hotel has a VERY different purpose from the one it used to have. During past Nazi and Soviet times, this place was used as a prison, where tons of people were killed. Still today, some guests get to experience being a prisoner there. Lots of guests claim they heard screaming men and voices telling them to get out of the place. Chilling!

8. Banff Springs (Canada)

This hotel is considered the most haunted and evil place in Canada. Considering its location, we can say it’s your fault you built a hotel in the middle of nowhere. This hotel is famous, with its young bride with her wedding dress still on, and the room 873. The room was sealed with a brick wall after a family was murdered inside it. People claim the ghosts of this family still walk around the room, saying they are still not dead. Jokes aside, if you don’t want to run into a ghost family during your stay, avoid this hotel.

9. Ballygally Caste (North Ireland)

Built 400 years ago and used as a castle since then, this hotel is believed to host so many different ghosts. The most famous one is the ghost of a woman who was thrown out of the window to her death. People say she knocks on the doors and disappears at night. Are you absolutely sure it’s not someone’s spoiled brat?

10. Dr. Holms (Norway)

This cute little hotel is believed to have the ghost of a young woman who hang herself in room 320, back in 1926.

11. Bella Vista (Portugal)

Lovely hotel by the beach, surrounded by palm trees, right? We can assure you something is wrong with room 108. Lots of paranormal shizz were reported in this room and people think the old owner of the hotel still resides there.

12. Burchianti Hotel (Italy)

This hotel should be on the VERY BOTTOM of your list while you are exploring the beautiful Florence in Italy. People say they saw weird faces and sometimes even feel a cold breath on their faces while hearing voices they can’t define! Gosh, what’s the matter with this hotel?!

13. Akasaka Mansion (Japan)

Being Tokyo’s scariest place, this mansion is famous for its room number 1. People staying in this room say they see weird figures appearing at the end of their bed that disappear all of a sudden with the lights go on and off during the night. To top it all off, some people claim they felt like they were suffocating during their sleep!

14. The Heathman Hotel (USA)

Located right at the heart of Portland, The Heathman is known for its rooms 703, 803 and 1003. People say there are some extremely cold spots in these rooms and figures appear on the mirrors. So, the ghosts must have skipped 903, then? Maybe they are all hanging out at 903 while we look at the other rooms?

15. The Russell Hotel (Australia)

One of the most famous hotels in Sydney, The Russell Hotel is famous for its 8th room. People say the ghost in this room believed to be the ghost of a sailor who lived there in the past and refuses to leave the hotel.

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