14 Logical Reasons To Let Your Lover Go If They Want to...


Sometimes it’s good to stop them and fight for it. But sometimes it’s not…

1. The reason may not be you after all

Don’t take it all personally. Just because your relationship is ending, doesn’t mean it’s about your personality, the way you look, act, or things you like. The person you want to stay might be suffering much more, and they may not have the strength to hold on. They need to sort through some personal issues, and this time, you can chase someone else, knowing it was not about you.

2. Sometimes it’s a double edged sword

Even if you are not seeing it, or ignoring it, the relationship might be eating both of you alive. You need to cleanse yourself from this relationship, and make your life pure, once again. You both need this. You can deny it now, but you will realize once a big shit storm breaks.

3. Some people think it’s just cool to act on their own and ignore others

Some people prefer living ‘freely,’ and being in a relationship makes them think they are not. They may think that they are breaking their chains, doing something nice, and being victorious. Let them think so, and you be ready to move on. They’re not worth the trouble.

4. Maybe you were the tipping point?

Maybe you didn’t hear the warning signs, and instead, you ignored them. You were too blind to see they were suffering. Maybe they tried to stay but you never showed any effort yourself. Now, it’s too late to make them stay, because after a while, you will start ignoring all the signs and hurt them again. Maybe it’s for the best this way.

5. Maybe you were the one forcing the relationship in the first place

Maybe you were trying so hard to make it work from the first day. Maybe the relationship was a dead end from the start, but you tried to keep it alive all this time. You need your rest now, and to get rid of the burden on your shoulders. Set sail to a fresh start and don’t wear yourself out on that one.

6. Sometimes, it’s for their own good and it’s easier

If you just sit down and evaluate the situation, maybe it’s best you two should go your own ways. Or maybe it’s better for the sake of one side or both. Instead of being a kid trying to hold on to his toy, sit down and go through the relationship.

7. You became overly attached

It’s time to see this differently and not like an addiction. You need to see this as an opportunity to start clean and fresh. The more you see what you can do without them, the more confidence you will gain. You need to see what you are capable of, and let this go.

8. Some things are just not possible together anymore

Wake up! Some things are just not going to work out if you stay together. You were getting tired of each other, and just staying in the relationship to be in a relationship. Let it go, it’s time to move on. Don’t force it.

9. You have no faith in each other anymore

If one side decides to let it go, the whole trust in the relationship falls apart. Even if you were able to make them stay, you won’t be able to feel the same way anymore. Nothing will ever be the same again. Face it.

10. You need to let them go because it’s really not the end of the world

You need to see that you, YOURSELF, is what really matters in life. You can, and you should, stand on your own, make new friends, spend more time with your family, and enjoy life all over again. Think about yourself first, not them.

11. No pain no gain…

There is literally no one out there who never went through a break up. One way or another, you are going to go through it too. Man up, face it, and deal with the pain so you can have your gain.

12. Even if you make them stay, you will always wonder when they will leave next

When? When? WHEN?! This question will haunt you until it’s actually over. You will become paranoid, and start reading into things way too much. Without even noticing, you will make them uncomfortable and stressed out.

13. Every time you argue, this incident will come back and haunt you

All your fights will turn into a chance to get revenge. With or without intending to, you will always say they wanted to leave. You will keep saying this to them until both of you are too tired and too blind to see all the good memories you made. Stop when it’s the right time…

14. You will re-discover yourself

You will discover, once more, who you are, what you want, and how you handled all the pain. It will make you a stronger, more experienced person. You will have so many things to write down and keep in mind. Sometimes it’s better to let go, you will see…

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