14 Heart Breaking Things You Realize About Your Crush And Go Lie Down To Cry!

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> 14 Heart Breaking Things You Realize About Your Crush And Go Lie Down To Cry!

Girls that you don't know but you are totally crushing on... They hurt, they hurt deeply...Especially when you find out these further details about them. Oh the pain...

1. The crush opens a beer bottle with a lighter.

Your crush is kind of magic, she is a goddess. You dream of her over again in your mind as it is the only place you can be free. She is an angel from above. She is a miracle with a velvet voice... Then she opens the beer bottle with a back of a lighter, like a angel!

2. Seeing yourself saved as ''don't open 2'' on her cellphone.

What a sad story it is to see that she is not getting really excited for your call...You will get over it, my friend, you will get over it...

3. Flattering your crush's brother or sister in advance! It is like saving for later..

So s/he can mention you nicely once in a while.

- John is a great guy. He saved my ball like a dog. He loves me so much. He always pays attention to me. He also has a great job. He is also intellectual and reads a lot. His biggest dream is traveling to Europe and he also loves food!

Then wait for the results and try not to exaggerate. With a good approach, your crush is your bae in a month!

4. The day she is back in town.

The best day for 14-17 years old guys. Her bronze skin, lightened hair, light clothes...Her appearance in the neighborhood is like a victory day.

You can't complete puberty without having this day at least once in your life. Without this day, your adrenaline, serotonin, and endorphin levels remain low low low....

5. When she calls you ''BRO!''

You expect to hear her voice, see her smile, for her to come closer and say hi... Then she comes closer, bites her lips, and says ''WADAP BRO?!'..  You could just say ''good'' by hiding your tears.

6. When she says, ''let's get you a girl.''

I was sure that she was going to tell me that she loves me when she said ''we need to talk.'' I was so excited to hear all of those nice words from her. Or she was gonna say that she doesn't like me back. I was cool with that as well so I would at least know that I shouldn't hope for her. However... It was evening hours. I was waiting in the park. She appeared and sat next to me. She looked at me, I smiled at her. Then she said; ''You need a girl bro, big time.'' I desperately hugged her and said ''let's do something about it bro''.. YAAY :(

7. When she says, ''you are a nice guy.''

It was very nice to hear those words because I held her bag, I bought movie tickets, I treated her with waffles, and I brought her class notes. I learned the hard way that they weren't words of love, those words weren't enough to hold her tight, or make love. I am a very nice guy because I introduced her to her boyfriend... I just wanna f*ck myself for this. Thank you.

8. That rug patterned building she lives in!

8. That rug patterned building she lives in!

It was the first time when we walked back home together. It was just like a dream. On the crossroad, she says let's separate. Then we do get away from each other. But I don't leave. How can I leave before I see her safely inside the building? Oh no, did she just enter that building, with the rug pattern? Oh no, please say she didn't...

9. When she fails the intelligence test..

It is just a stupid test they say. Her GPA is high they said. But you can't fail at the same test over and over again baby. Can you? :(

10. When she looks like the president!..

Kinda nervous situation...Even if she has a similar beard, it means danger is nearby.

11. When she blows up sacrificed animals on the feast of sacrifice!

At least she doesn't smoke. Her lungs are fresh they said. She helps her parents! She is a believer they said. But I can't get this scene out of my mind. The dead animal that looks like a balloon in 5 mins thanks to her. Strong lady indeed.

12. When the crush wears thermal underwear.

12. When the crush wears thermal underwear.

The other day she mentioned that she doesn't like guys wearing undershirts. Since then I don't wear one even though I freeze to death. Who am I to complain to her that she is wearing leggings underneath of her skinny jeans?

13. When she stays at Justin's.

He is just a friend. Of course, he is. Why would she deny it anyways? She is over there with him while I'm crying over her. Maybe not..She wouldn't do that, would she? Leave me alone...!

14. When she is a Justin Bieber fan!

14. When she is a Justin Bieber fan!

Should I support her when she cries for Justin Bieber tickets? When he appears on tv with his new model girlfriend? Should I wait with her in line to get a selfie with him? Please just say no!

Bonus - When she uses thick pencil.

Either she doesn't like popular things, she can't write properly, or she is just too stingy to buy better pencils. Please God, please tell me what it is all about?

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