13 Hilarious Restaurant Ideas That You Probably Haven't Thought About Before!


Here are some of the most intriguing new restaurant ideas! Who knows, maybe one of them can inspire you to come up with that brilliant restaurant idea!

1. Classical music and chill!

2. Good news for sauce lovers!

3. A restaurant for people with social anxiety...

4. So creative much wow!

5. Large portions lovers like it

6. Can be pretty if you like your steak as tough as shoe leather...

7. Sounds fun we're in!

8. Motto can be higher than high!

9. This already exists. It's called a hospital bed.

10. "I'll have the Yoko Ono fish tacos and a side of black eyed peas, please."

11. Paying the bill? Ever heard of dream-n-dash?

12. For ex-lovers!

13. Just for $250? We'd go higher!

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