12 Mischievous Children Who Are Absolutely On Santa's Black List This Year!


As Christmas approaches, children is considering whether they'll make Santa's naughty or nice list. Here are 12 of them that are certainly on black list!

1. She thinks there is nothing wrong...

2. He managed to get paint all over the carpet, sofa and walls...What an artist!

3. He created an almighty mess...

4. With his little brother!

5. She had got her hands on a jar of Nutella and smeared it over herself...

6. Give her a drawing book!

7. "Painting the sofa with Sudocrem? Let's do this!"

8. She just want to put on make up!

9. Look how proud he is with his work!

10. This little boy wanted to shave off part of his eyebrows using his step-father's razor...

11. Poor doggy...

12. "My son found my 'fishing rods'"

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