12 Little Known Details About Tomorrowland You Should Write Down!


It's a well known fact that Tomorrowland is one of the fastest growing and biggest festivals in the world. Every years, more than 300, 400K people get together and have a total blast! Almost all the big names in the world can be seen across 13-14 astonishing stages. There are more than 2-3 flights from almost every country dedicated to Tomorrowland each year. But it's not that easy to attend Tomorrowland and many things you think you know may not be true at all!

1. Thinking of buying a ticket? Think again!

We should warn you that 2013 tickets for Tomorrowland sold out in just ONE minute! There are thousands of fans out there with their Refresh buttons and hearts broken, let alone some people suing their internet providers. (Sadface)

2. Money first!

So you managed to go through the crowd and reached the ticket purchase page. Make sure you have enough limit available on your card. Also, you will receive almost no notification and your money will be taken in a flash! Don't worry, you'll save again until the festival, NOT!

3. Head-spinning growth speed

Take a look at the very first Tomorrowland in 2005 and Tomorrowland 2014, 10 years later. To put it in numbers, the first Tomorrowland sold 10.000 tickets whereas 2014 sold 360.000 tickets! WOAH!

4. Ads, money, money money!

100.000 Euros worth advertising actually brings only 10.000 Euros worth ticket sales. However, with all the sponsors, merchandise sales, charges, drink and food sales, the festival profits almost every year.

5. The people inside (Expectations)

You are almost strip searched and the Belgian police has over 12 different algorithms and tracking mechanisms to make sure nothing "wild" happens.

6. The people inside (Reality)

Happy, peaceful people from around the world joining for one cause and one cause only. Music!

7. Unbelievable shows

Even if you watch 4K or 10K videos of all the shows, it's NOTHING like that from inside. It's just magic and it just happens. True story...

8. It's actually cheaper since you see so many DJs at once.

Come to think of it, you can watch over 10-12 concerts over 3 days and if you were to see them one by one, it would be pretty expensive we think!

9. Long, long and even longer queue for toilet

It's not the food, drinks or shower queues. But the toilet queue actually gets too long at points. They can't just throw 100.000 toilets into the area can they?

10. Is it REALLY worth all this?

If you like EDM, no doubt. Even if you are neutral against it, you should go even for the atmosphere and everything else it offers...

11. It's actually a 9-to-5 festival in its core

No partying until 5-6am for you mister. Belgian law and authorities strictly says no to loud music in Boom after 1am. So everything literally ends at 1am and starts around 1pm the next day.

12. Camping area is actually NOT inside the festival, it's even far

Almost 20 minute walk from the main stage to your tent at the camping area. Mind the fact that Boom can get rainy even during July. However, if you bought the Global Journey package, your own Tomorrowland shuttle takes you all the way to your hotel for a good night's rest.

Bonus: The world is not such a bad place after all...

People from almost 100 different countries, cultures and backgrounds. All together in harmony. No prejudice, no judging, no racism, no discrimination. Just unity and pure music. Not bad, eh?

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